Wondering why life exists this way is not only something that a 6-year-old would do. We grow up asking and answering ourselves all kinds of questions; especially when our life changes completely and we have to adjust to a new routine in an unknown city. The what if list wants to help you in your daily life, in some aspects that can be difficult to face or that you simply didn't know could occur to you.

ESN UCM engages its values to create a safe environment for all the international students. Remember, the coordinators are also part of your family and are here to help you in everything you need.


Useful telephone numbers

What if...I had to call you maybe

Having a list with useful telephone numbers is always helpful to calm your parents down.


Comunidad de Madrid: 012/ 010

Emergencias: 112

Información para extranjeros (Ministerio del Interior): 900 150 000

Policía Nacional: 091

Policía Municipal: 092

Guardia Civil: 062

Bomberos: 080 (Madrid)

Speak my language! Don't forget to take a look at the embassies and consulates directories: https://visados.org/embassy-list for any procedure or even to extend the validity of your visa because let’s be honest, you will want to stay more time.

What if...

… I don't want to be a mummy yet:

The morning after pill

… My NO is your yes:

Sexual assault

… There is so much to explore

Cross-border mobility

… I am feeling sad and I don't know why

Psychological care

… It happens to you

Coming back home alone

… I lose my precious

Identity theft

… My fight is stronger than yours

Homophobic attacks

… It is better to be safe than sorry

Health issues

… I want more than a road with Carlos and his bicicleta

Getting the transportation card

… The keys are the new Game of Throne of your Erasmus

Conflicts with the landlord

… Chinese seemed easier to understand than the university papers

University paperwork

… I want Verse to be my new best friend

Open a bank account