What if… My no is your yes

It is important to follow these steps in case you are victim of sexual assault:

  • Talk to a person you trust that will calm you down and help you.
  • Although your first instinct will be to wash yourself, don’t change your clothes as there may be evidences that can help with the identification of the offender.
  • Go to the nearest hospital for a blood test. They must give you a medical report to carry out the complaint.
  • Go to the Police/Guardia Civil to report the aggression and give all the evidences you can (medical, psychological report, clothes, names of the witnesses…). Although it is difficult, try to answer the questions with all the clarity you can, telling all details and facts that have happened.


It is important for you to know that the language can’t be a barrier to enable comments that can be out of line. Don't be afraid to contact a coordinator who can help you throughout the process.