Who said dancing was just a matter of professionals? Who said embarrassment rhythmed with salsa? Jump on our fabulous trip across Latin dances and sensual bachata. With our teacher Carlos you will learn the basic steps to be the king/queen of the dance floor.

You will have a unique opportunity to meet other international students in a funny and cheerful atmosphere. The only requirement: bringing the right mood to learn, have fun and especially move your body to the rhythm of Latin hits.


Every Thursdays, two classes:

  • From 8:30 to 10.
  • From 10 to 11:30.

Who puts the spotlights for us? Cherokee Madrid Alonso. Calle Campoamor, 12. Metro Alonso Martínez (lines 4, 5,10). A perfect place to go learning the basic, intermediate and advanced steps.

How much? 2 € with your ESN Card.

How do you sign up? Just come to Cherokee a few minutes before the class starts. Limited spots! It will be first to come, first to be served.

Don't forget your ESN Card, you will have the following prices:
*SHOTS: 1€
*BEER: 1,5€
*SOFTS: 1,5€
*SANGRIA: 1,5€
*DRINK (hard+soft): 3,5€
*MOJITO: 3,5€