What if... I don't want to be a mummy yet

The morning after pill is how an emergency contraception pill is frequently called in Spain. It may be used after having a sexual intercourse without protection. It is important not to wait too long before going to a pharmacy. It is recommended to take it in the following 12 hours, since the efficiency decreases gradually rather than delaying it until the third day. No medical prescription is needed for this type of medicine and it costs around 20 €. This pill does not protect against sexual transmitted infections. If you have any doubt, you can ask the pharmacist or the gynecologist. To find a 24h pharmacy or a “farmacia de guardia” (open until 23.00 h) in Madrid you can visit this website:


Another option would be to go to a public health centre or planned parenthood, where you can ask for them without cost, e. g.: Centro Municipal de Salud Joven de Anticoncepción y Sexualidad en Calle de las Navas de Tolosa, 10 (Callao)/ Phone numbers: 915 889 677 / 915 889 678/ Email to cmsjoven@madrid.es