What is the ESNcard?

An ESNcard is much more than just a membership card: it allows you to identify as an exchange student, participate in our activities and enjoy local, national and international discounts. It is a personal card and it can only be used by the card holder.

There are more than 500 sections in 40 countries! So imagine the amount of activities and discounts to discover. You can use your ESNcard on trips to other countries, check the discounts here www.esncard.org

In addition, you will receive together with your ESNcard a Welcome Pack with a lot of useful stuff for your stay in Madrid!

Who can buy the ESNcard?

You can get ESNcard advantages if you fill one of the following requirements:

  • You are an exchange student at the moment (remember that is not restricted only to Erasmus, but all international agreements)
  • You are an active member of you university ESN section (buddy or coordinator)


How can I get the ESNcard?

If you are an exchange student or buddy at UCM, you can get your ESNcard for 10€, valid for 12 months.

Just as easy as going to our office and bringing:

  • ID or passport
  • Learning Agreement or any other document which proves you are currently an exchange student
  • A picture
  • 10€


Important! Please remember to check the schedule for the week before going to the office! All coordinators are volunteers and we go to the office in our free time. Therefore, we cannot offer the same schedule all weeks.

More information about the ESNcard: ESNcard on Facebook