The ESN Madrid Reward Card is your passport to have the best experiences in your host city.Take part in the activities and trips of ESN Madrid and win amazing prizes while you enjoy your Erasmus!


You will receive it with your ESNcard and the Welcome Pack. The only thing you have to do to fill it out and get it stamped is taking part in the activities and trips of ESN Madrid.


How the passport works?

Take part in the activities and trips of any of the six sections of ESN Madrid:





  • ESN UC3M




and get stamps in your passport. Each stamp means a point and you will get:


  • 1 point in each ESN activity

  • 2 points in each activity related to the ESN projects (Social Erasmus, Exchange Ability, Movin’ Europe and Erasmus in Schools)

  • 2 points in ESN Daily Trips

  • 3 points in ESN Weekend Trips


How to redeem your points?


Once you have the necessary amount of points for the prize you want to redeem, send an email to: including this info:


  • Name

  • ESN section

  • Nº ESNcard

  • Prize you want to redeem

  • A photo of your passport with the stamps needed


Prizes are limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis, according to the emails received. So, hurry up, get all the stamps and win a prize!


Note that once you redeem your points for a prize, you will lose those points. If you want to get another prize, you will need to start again. It’s up to you waiting to have the prizes that need more points.


Which are the PRIZES?


8 points: Haircut @ Marco Aldany Hair Salons

10 points: ESN Madrid t-shirt (50 available)

15 points: Double invitation for a bowling game (on weekdays) @ Bowling Chamartín (5 available)

15 points: Double invitation for a bike ride @ Mybike Rio (1 available)

15 points: Open bar for one person in the December Kapital’s pre party @ Xaloc (2 available)

20 points: Private area with drinks in the December party for 1 person + 4 friends @ Kapital (12 available)

20 points: Double invitation for a Spa session (1 hour) @ UC3M Spa (1 available)

25 points: Double invitation to a glass of wine or beer with Flamenco Show (on weekdays) @ Tablao Chinitas (1 available)

30 points: Dinner for two people with drinks included @ Hotel Complutum (Alcalá de Henares) (1 available)

30 points: Dinner for two people in a restaurant (bill up to 20€) @ Restaurant to be confirmed (1 available)

40 points: 1 spot in the trip of ESN Madrid to Bilbao+San Sebastián (4 available)