What if... the keys are the new Game of Throne of your Erasmus

First of all, it is very important for you to have a copy of the contract, signed by the landlord. Many problems and arguments come from the conditions of the apartment, or of some of its facilities, that must be checked by the tenant. In case of any problem, you should ask the landlord or agency to solve it before signing the contract. Our advice is that in your first visit to the place, you take a look to check everything and point out the problems that you may see.

The best thing to do is, before signing, make sure that the contract includes an inventory of the objects and leave a record of their conservation status.

During the rental period, you will be responsible for keeping the house in good conditions.


Can I terminate my contract without paying?


  1. If the landlord refuses to make repairs in the house. The landlord is responsible, without any right to raise the rent/utilities price, for all the repairs that are necessary to keep the housing conditions of livability. If the landlord doesn’t carry out all repairs necessary, the tenant has the right to terminate the contract.
  2. If the landlord doesn't permit a peaceful and joyful use of the house. This means, if they make it hard for you to use the place as agreed (i.e. doesn’t give you keys…).
  3. Six months after signing the contract. The law says that the tenant may cancel the lease contract after six months have passed since its signing, if you make sure that you inform the landlord with at least 30 days in advance.


The landlord has the obligation to give back the deposit at the end of the contract, provided that you have met all your obligations.