Surely at this time you are wondering where to live in Madrid the next course, if you have already had the pleasure of visiting this incredible city maybe you know where to start looking, but if not, the mission may seem impossible. Do not worry, in this guide will try to indicate where and how to look for flat in Madrid, Don't panic!

Here we go...

In this map you can see the different districts in which the central area of ​​Madrid is divided.

To start the search for the best place you may start with the center area (Sol, La Latina, Atocha, Gran Vía, Chueca, Tribunal, Plaza España, Embajadores), Moncloa, Retiro and Salamanca. Rent a room in Madrid in this areas could cost you from 250 to 500 €.

We leave you the best areas to live:

Sol: It is the most famous square of Madrid, it is located in the center of the city and very well communicated. It has an offer of leisure, commerce, hospitality ... unbeatable. Communicated by several subway lines (1, 2 and 10) and Cercanías (trains), is a very good option to live. Precio: €€€€
Gran Vía - Chueca - Malasaña: this are is full of bars, restaurants and shops. It is the most fashionable area of ​​the capital, designer shops, art galleries, restaurants, restaurants, bars, restaurants ... Very famous for its nightlife; ). Precio: €€€€
Tribunal - Bilbao: very close to Malasaña, it stands out for the same, well communicated (lines 1, 4 and 10 of metro), good nightlife and many restaurants and shopsPrecio: €€€
Atocha:The flats in Atocha street and near the station in a good option if you are looking for cheaper rentals than those in the downtown area, it is very well connected by metro (line 1) and Cercanías (all lines!), but it can take you a little more to get to the UCM. Is not a particular party area but is pretty close to Huertas, where soon you will find your second house (La Lupe) and KapitalPrecio: €€€
Moncloa - Argüelles: the area closest to the University and also to the center. This will be your choice if you are one of those who want to take advantage of the maximum possible time sleeping in the mornings. In addition, you will have close to all kinds of bars and restaurants, both to eat and to party. This area is highly recommended and we study at Somosaguas campus too. Precio: €€€
Embajadores - La Latina - Lavapiés: 
an area very close to Sol. It has a lot of charm, especially for living near "El Rastro", a market that is set on Sundays and is a must visit. It is an area with lots of tapas bars and quite well connected (by metro)Precio: €€
Cuatro Caminos - Guzmán el Bueno: 
an area with many shops, with less night life than the previous ones. Equally good option, since it is well connected by metroPrecio: €€

As you can see, all areas of the center are a good choice.

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